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We Got It Covered! Thanks To You

We are delighted to announce that with just under a week to go in the Crowdfunder campaign we reached our target and with this guaranteed the funding for our new pitch covers.

On Tuesday afternoon, we received an anonymous pledge for £25 and this pushed us through the £2000 barrier to secure the funding and since then we've received additional donations to rise the total to £2022.

The pitch covers, which were delivered to The Chorley Group Victory Park Stadium just before the turn of the New Year will help reduce the number of home postponements, reducing losses when potentially lucrative weekend fixtures are switched to less attractive midweek dates.

The Crowdfunding campaign will remain open for donations until 9am on Monday morning and any additional funds received will be put toward the cost of purchasing a heavy-duty roller squeegee which will be used to clear standing water from the covers surface when protecting the pitch from heavy rainfall.

A massive thank you to all the supporters who have donated, it is greatly appreciated by everyone at Chorley Football Club.

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