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Five Star Service At Magpies Nest

Chorley FC have been aiming for the top all season and are now doing the same off the pitch writes Josh Vosper. 

The Magpies Nest, located inside The Chorley Group Victory Park Stadium has recently achieved a five star rating for its food hygiene standards. The rating scheme is run in partnership with local authorities.

Businesses are inspected by an officer on meeting the requirements of food hygiene law, including how food is handled and kept. Director Roy Miller said: “We all take great pride in setting high standards at Chorley FC - on and off the pitch. From the food we serve in the Magpies Nest, to looking after players, officials and sponsors. Since we renovated a few years ago there’s been a lot of positive feedback and the windows are now open - so when people queue up they can still watch the game. That’s another great thing for our fans because they pay good money to come on and support the club.”

You might not know it, but everything in the Magpies Nest is locally sourced. Roy added: “We support many local businesses including Bowes Pies, Brown’s the Butchers and Morris Quality Bakers. That’s great because most of our customers will go to those premises anyway and enjoy their products. I’d just like to thank all our staff, for the work they do throughout the season and help maintain our high standards. Food is an important aspect at football matches, so we are very proud to deliver a service that has been recognised as very good.”

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